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Break through the inertia and generate
the right kind of momentum… together.

Howe Leadership is predicated on the observation that entrepreneurs too often fail to achieve their dreams because they desire to improve their results without a commensurate change in their thinking and their actions. As Albert Einstein wisely observed, “The problems we face today cannot be solved on the same level of thinking we were at when we created them.”


Howe Leadership is committed to coaching these leaders through the changes required to achieve breakthrough operational results. Ready for a change? Let’s meet for a cup of coffee to see if Howe Leadership can help you break through the inertia and generate the right kind of momentum.

Are you a victim to your own success?

Has the dream of owning your own business morphed into a nightmare? Are you so busy fulfilling all the promises you’ve made that you have no margin left to enjoy your success? Does the overhead of owning your own business – payroll, taxes, insurance, employee turnover – feel like a heavy burden you carry day in and day out? Do you wish for someone to talk to who has walked this path before and who would listen and provide practical advice and assistance? Howe Leadership may be able to help. Let’s share a cup of coffee to find out.

The economy in which we operate is increasingly one of Winner Takes All

The difference between the number one ranked golfer and number 2 is usually less than 2 strokes, but the prize money for number one is about five times that of number two. Like in golf, for many endeavors today, the best performers capture a disproportionate share of the rewards, leaving little for the remaining competition. Do you know your strengths? Which of your clients would pay a premium for those strengths? Do your business model, marketing, and operations amplify your strengths? Would you like to discuss this over a cup of coffee?

Be the Kind of Leader You Would Want to Follow

Whether you are leading from a position of authority or leading from the middle, each of us has opportunities to lead someone. With coaching, you can be the kind of leader you would want to follow. Let’s share a cup of coffee and talk about your leadership challenges.


Leadership is influence, nothing more, nothing less…titles don’t have much value when it comes to leading. True leadership cannot be awarded, appointed, or assigned, it comes only from influence, and that cannot be mandated. It must be earned.” ~ John C. Maxwell


After many years of leading businesses and coaching business leaders, I know that for success in business and in life, there is no silver bullet or magic 5-step process or expensive online course that will get you there. Instead, it takes what we call grit: an abundance of passion and perseverance. It’s laborious, tedious, sometimes boring, and it’s certainly not what you see in glossy magazines and on spiffy websites. However, we’ll never be tomorrow what we are not becoming today. And so the question I ask you to consider is: “Am I doing anything today to have that tomorrow?” Come join us for our next event