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Why I recommend games to my clients

By Harry Howe on July 3, 2013 in resources

Lately I’ve been recommending Lumosity to many of my clients and they are reporting tangible benefits. I’ve been using it myself for five months after a demo by my friend and colleague Doug Theis and I’m sold. I’ll let you explore it online for yourself. Here is why I frequently recommend it to my clients.

1. Many of the required skills of successful entrepreneurs can be practiced in a safe environment – things such as pattern recognition, advanced planning, recall, flexibility, and learning the rules of the game as you play.

2. It provides quick and honest feedback on our limitations – too many entrepreneurs are surrounded by those who are unable or unwilling to provide them with this accurate and constructive feedback.

3. Consistent practice brings steady improvement. There are no home runs with Lumosity – it requires consistency, perseverance, and all the character qualities your mother and father prized.

Let me know if you have found this or any other similar tool to be beneficial.

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