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The Brutal Truth about New Year’s Resolutions

By Harry Howe on January 3, 2014 in Goals

The blogosphere is currently replete with the obligatory advice on making New Year’s resolutions stick. This will not be typical of most. Rather, I intend to administer some tough love. Here is the brutal truth: there is no app, 3-step process, or silver bullet for making and keeping New Year’s resolutions. There is no chocolate cake diet, no device you wrap around your gut to make you slim while you watch TV, and no pill to take that will magically shed pounds off your waist. They key to achieving your goals for 2014 is not a gimmick – it’s you! How intensely do you desire your goal? What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve it? What changes are you willing to make to get started? Are you willing to exercise self-discipline and perseverance over the weeks and months it will surely take to achieve a breakthrough of any significance?

So let’s be honest with one another. A New Year’s resolution that is not backed up with a bullet-proof plan of action coupled with determination is merely a dream. And having a dream is important – just don’t confuse a dream with a goal.

“New Year’s resolutions are quite prevalent in January but usually non-existent after the Super Bowl.” ~ John Ruiz (former American professional boxer)

“If your New Year’s resolution is to get in shape, that decision should be about a lifestyle change, not just a pants size change.” ~ Tim Wise (American anti-racism activist and writer)

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