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Introspect is a proprietary process that is well-suited for the initial engagement with Howe Leadership. It provides a mutually beneficial discovery process upon which to build. The process typically consists of four sessions:

  1. Conduct an introspective assessment of the current state of the organization, identifying its strengths and weaknesses as well as potential opportunities and threats.
  2. Document the vision for the organization for a point in time five years out.
  3. Chart a phased action plan to make measurable progress toward the goals implicit in the vision.
  4. Initiate Phase 1 of the action plan and determine what, if any, on-going support from Howe Leadership would add value.

The Introspect process is a proven approach for assisting an organization in clarifying its present reality, developing a vision for the future, and then charting a course to get there. This collaborative approach fosters ownership and builds consensus along the journey for the team that participates.

For more information, contact Harry Howe at 317- 727-8960 or Harry@HoweLead.com.