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By Harry Howe on November 14, 2013 in business environment

In November, several of my family members are celebrating birthdays – including me! Tuesday was my grandson’s 11th birthday and he got up early to make the most of his special day. As we get older, birthdays take on different significance. I’m reminded of the special events in the life of an organization that deserve recognition on a regular basis so that we don’t forget where we came from and the contribution of others who came before us. These may include the founding of the organization, the move to a new facility, partnership with another organization, or the arrival of a new leader. Here are three suggestions for making the most of these milestones.

Celebration – everyone enjoys a celebration and these occasions strengthen the ties that bind us to together in our common cause.

Reflection – stop to think about the highlights of the past year and the road that was travelled to bring you to this point.

Anticipation – now think about the year ahead, all that you have to look forward to, the land mines to avoid, and opportunities to seize.

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