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Today’s business environment is tough and getting tougher. The corollary is that success is fragile and getting more so. Of the 18 visionary companies in Jim Collin’s 1994 best seller, Built to Last, fewer than one in three have continued to outperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average over the time span since the book was written. New technologies, shifts in consumer tastes, regulation and deregulation, and nontraditional competitors have all undermined the advantages that once sustained successful business models. Howe Leadership is dedicated to helping businesses thrive in this environment.

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What percentage of your time is devoted to putting out fires as compared to the time devoted to making your business fireproof?

How large is the gap between what you say is most important and how you actually allocate your time and energy?

Is your business strategy based on a solid foundation that is unlikely to change such as your customers' desire for selection, low prices, fast delivery, etc?

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